This cleaning method does not use water but a dry powder instead.

Methods that Rug cleaner Used

Just like any carpet at home, rugs always need to be cleaned regularly to make sure that it is still safe from the people at home. Most homeowners will hire some professional cleaners to ensure that the work will be done effectively. As a cleaner, it is now their responsibility for how they will do the job and ensure that the customers will be satisfied with their job.

carpetcleaningsanjuancapistrano in the cleaning company always has training before they can work professionally. They are knowledgeable enough to make sure that they can serve all their customers with high-quality service in cleaning. They are equipped with products that are applicable in a different type of fabrics that is why homeowners can ensure that they will have a successful job. Aside from that, they know all different methods in cleaning that is certain for your rugs at home.

The following are methods used for rug cleaning:

  • Shampoo Cleaning

In this method, shampoo is applied on the rug to form a foam which will attract the dirt in the material. The foam is left to be dried and becomes brittle. Then after the brittle is formed, it will be separated from the rug and the remains from it will be cleaned using the vacuum cleaner.

  • Steam Cleaning

This type of method uses hot water extractions which effectively cleans the rug and remove the stains because of the hot steam inside the equipment. High-pressured water will be sprayed on the rug and then sucked by the vacuum so that the water will come out along with the dirt. This method is considered to be a deep clean and observed to be as one of the safest ways to make your rugs clean.

  • Dry Power

The powder is sprinkled around the rug and left about 15 minutes. Then, the powder along with the dirt is removed using the vacuum cleaner and does not involve any drying method anymore.


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